ZUHAL - Premium 3D MINK Lashes - False Eyelashes from Mink / 100% natural Mink Hair

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HYARI® 3D Mink Lashes are eyelashes of the highest premium quality.

Natural and feathery eyelashes for an elegant and exclusive look.

Through different length Mink hair in 3D design, you get effortlessly a beautiful, natural look. The extremely fine natural Mink hair together make for a voluminous look that makes the eyes look bigger. Be ready for many compliments!

Product features:

  • Easy to fix
  • Suitable for all eye shapes
  • With proper care, eyelashes can be use up to 25 times
  • Contact lens friendly

100% natural premium Mink Hair


Our eyelashes are energized together with gemstones to load the positive energy on the eyelashes. The matching gemstone you can find in the areaEdelsteine & Kristalle erwerben. 

The HYARI-BEAUTY Mink Lashes accentuate their eyes and give a delicate frame and a sensual look full of depth and definition
The fine mink-real hairs create a special natural look and promise due to the low weight a silky-soft wearing feeling.
The dense eyelash texture with high-quality fibers gives volume and extra fullness.

Each premium box contains a few eyelashes - eyelash glue is not included

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